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How Will A Website Help Your Business or Organization?

At R2D2, we specialize in helping our customers; businesses, clubs, civic agroups, and non-profit organizations, realize the advantages of being on the Internet.

A website is important for any business because it lets new customers learn about you, your products or services, where you're located, and how to contact you. As you know, a color ad with some graphics is far more attention-getting and instills far more of a sense of professionalism and confidence than a text listing such as in a phonebook. A website lets you provide this type of information to a much wider audience at a lower cost. And, you can update the information in minutes as your needs change. You can also include product catalogs, send e-mail announcements and reminders to customers, provide employee information, and much, much more. Finally, a website helps establish your corporate image and lets your customers know that you are a modern, forward-thinking business.

For a club or organization, a website is an invaluable way to keep your members up to date and to make your club known to prospective new members. Do you have multiple people handling the administration of your club? Wouldn't it be great if they could all access and update the same information, each from the convenience of their own home or office? With an R2D2 wesite, you can. You can also automatically generate mailing lists for different groups of members, provide on-line registration, post contact information, make forms available to members, create and display event schedules and directions with maps, manage leagues, teams, and tournaments, automatically create class lists or membership rosters, share pictures and videos, link to associated organizations, provide educational information - text or videos, post meeting minutes, have a place to keep copies of documents such a by-laws, forms and applications, and so on. The possibilities are endless. At R2D2, we will help you select those capabilities that are right for you and then design tools that fit into your organization.

With R2D2, a website is inexpensive, easy and quick to get started, and can grow with your business or organization.


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