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Web Site Design Portfolio

The Colts Neck Sports Foundation:
A large YSM web system for a non-profit organization that manages leagues of team sports for thousands of children in the local community. This is a very large web site featuring hundreds of web pages, slide shows, videos, several administrative databases, and custom on-line administrative tools. It is used for communications, registration, and league, team, facility, and e-mail management. The graphics and copy are all custom.
A community web system providing information about local businesses and recreational activities, configured as a Virtual DownTown. Businesses are listed in a searchable directory, keyed to an interactive map, and linked to their websites which may be hosted on Colts-Neck.Net or elsewhere.
Colts Neck Equine:
This is an EasyOrg website for a veterinary paractice. It is primarily used for communications and to make people aware of the news of interest to horse owners, The graphics and copy are custom designed.
Colts Neck Department of Recreation and Parks
This town uses an EasyWeb website for news updates and communications. They have extensive descriptions of their programs, parks, and facilities including an interactive town map.
Andia Insurance Agency
This small business uses our CoSys system for their corporate website.
The Hands-On Technology Program:
A multiple award-winning educational website for primary grade teachers which presents extensive resources and learning aids for hands-on math and science activities developed by R2D2 Enterprises. The material on this website has also been published in paper form by Teacher Created Materials.


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